‘A compelling read, with a constantly evolving plot that kept me hooked to the end, as well as a vivid, detailed and funny picture of the life of two modern families.’ – William Nicholson

‘Elizabeth Enfield has a great talent for mirroring all our lives through those small moments that make up a whole. Her writing reminds me of Anne Tyler’s wonderful forensic style in which ordinary details are used to create extraordinary stories.’ – Araminta Hall

Living With It is a brilliant evocation of emotional turmoil. Elizabeth Enfield vividly portrays the parental dilemmas, moral complexities and potentially tragic consequences of the MMR controversy. Gripping and thought provoking.’ – James LeFanu

‘Elizabeth Enfield is a writer with a gift for conveying the intricacies and subtleties of relationships between family and friends. Her dialogue is perfectly pitched, and her storytelling thought-provoking and nuanced. Living With It explores an emotive issue with insight and care.’ – —Sarah Rayner


‘Written with warmth and humour.  For the Allison Pearson market and a sophisticated cut above the norm.’ (Sarah Broadhurst, The Bookseller)

‘Picking up this book is like meeting with a dear friend. Elizabeth Enfield’s prose is intelligent, amusing and confident. We can only hope for more.’ (Victoria Cooper, Red Magazine)



Holly’s a mother with children, a husband she loves and a time-consuming job up in London. She copes, and life is good.

So when she is in a train accident on the London to Brighton line, Holly knows that it’s just a small chapter in her life and nothing has changed. But Holly can’t forget the younger man who comforted her in the chaos of the crash, and when she seems him again on her daily commute up to town, there’s a flash of recognition between them. Is it embarrassment? Curiosity? Or is there something more? And what of Anne-Marie, another passenger who has survived. Just what is her story?


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