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Hay Bales!

One of the themes in Ivy and Abe is randomness v fate. There are so many things in your life that might play out slightly differently and yet send your life off in a totally different direction.
A hay bale falling from a lorry, for example.
One of the things I had in my mind when I wrote Ivy was the tragic death of Mike Edwards,  ELO’s cellist, who died when a hay bale topped and his his car.
They look so innocent  just now  perched on the  Downs in the late summer sun…

An Event Wed 25th July

Sometimes forget I have a website and must update it but… will be discussing Ivy and Abe with Ella Berthoud, author of the brilliant Novel Cure in the beautiful environs of Soho’s House of St Barnabas tickets (£11)  include the book and a tipple, which I think makes all the talking free.

Book here